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lazerModels the beginning..

Who are we?
My name is Craig Matheny, the idea of LazerModels was created in 2010, three years after the 2007 market crash and I was out of work. I looked for work and had no luck overqualified and the wrong age and yes it sucked. My wife owned a laser for her embroidery business and I decided one day to make a toy for my Grandson. It turned out pretty cool and other people liked it. So I decided to make some other models about 10 different ones and started selling them at a little Farmer's Market in Buena Park Ca. We sold there for a few months and decided to try the Christmas Craft Fair at Knott's Berry Farm for the month of December in Buena Park. Can we say wow it was fantastic, God had truly blessed us and we did not really see or understand the plan that God had for us. In April we did the Knott’s Berry Farm Spring show and from that moment for the next 3-1/2 years we had a store in Knott’s Berry Farm. We meet many great people and our customer base just grew. We decided after the 3-1/2 years that it was time to shift to a different venue and we closed our store at Knotts Berry Farm it was a difficult choice but the right one for us. You will now find us all over California and parts of Nevada doing different shows year around traveling and selling and can find those locations here. But most importantly is My Best Friend who is my Beautiful Bride that has stood by me and is now working alongside of me daily. God has truly blessed us.