Covid-19 UpDate

The last few weeks have been an extraordinary challenge for all of us. We sincerely hope you all are safe & healthy. We just wanted to update you on what we are doing and our status during this difficult time.

  • We are still cutting models every day and shipping orders.
  • All our wood was delivered here in mid to late December so no hidden virus in the wood. We keep everything cleaned, sanitized and our hands washed during the day.
  • Being it is just My wife (Cheryl) and I we practice “social distancing” practices and wear facemasks when we leave the house and go out in public. Upon return to the shop full sterilizing and hand washing takes place as needed.
  • We have plenty of wood to keep our orders filled.
  • If you’re concerned about the safety of receiving a box in your home, the World Health Organization has more info on the topic here.
  • Well we started the spoof on this virus called “The 8 Weeks of the Coronavirus”. This will include emails with specials for all plus our regular deals.              
  • We’ll stay in touch over the following days and weeks with more updates.
  • If there’s anything we can do to help you or your family, please contact us here.

Stay safe and healthy,

Cheryl and Craig