Instruction Videos and Handouts for our Wood Models

Instruction videos for our wood model kits are not available for every model at this time but in the future will be. All models that are sold at our shows over the last 3 years or some of our older models that have videos you will find here. So to find your video enter the name of your model in the search bar below and that will take you to the product page. Under the main picture of the model (see image below) you will see “Instruction Videos” click on the different videos. This is the order for most of the video layout, The first video is: “Bag of Parts Now What”, the second a “How to Glue our Models” the last video(s) are the instruction video(s) for your model.

Enjoy and if you have any issues Lost, Broken part or just questions reach out to us here.

If we have told you there is a handout for a supply list you will find it here

Instruction Video Location on Product Page