Our Shop


Our shop is where 90% of the magic happens.  We have multiple  Epilog lasers and are regularly stocked with 1500+ sheets of Baltic Birch Plywood. All work is done in our shop, including designing, testing and production of our wood model kits. The other 10% of the magic…well that could be over dinner, spending time with the family or even waking up in the middle of the night with an idea.

The designs for our wood models are not just scanned into the computer and instantly produce a pattern/cut file to allow proper cutting of the wood. It takes weeks to months of effort, at this stage, to create each cut file. Once our prototype model is designed, cut and fits together as planned, it is ready for production and the first stage is now complete. Now the hard parts “Instructions and Videos” begin.

Cheryl and I work together taking pictures, writing the instructions out and proofing them multiple times. Once our testers put our new model together, then the video gets shot. When all those steps are complete, then and only then, do we go to production for that model. It is a lot of work, but Cheryl and I love working in the shop together creating new models. Learn more about Cheryl , Myself (Craig) or learn about how LazerModels came to be.

All orders placed from January 2nd - January 14th will not ship until January 16th.

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