“What Do I Do Today”

Coronavirus has a many of us staying home, businesses are being closed down again to help avoid the spread. We all in some areas are required to wear a mask. Schools are also closed to help protect our children and communities from the virus spreading. Many households are now in full “What Do i Do Today” mode. When our children were small we always kept little projects around the house and still do for our grandbabies. We all need to keep our children busy and stimulated for all our sanities! Whether you kids love legos, crafting projects, a family game night, there are ways for families to come together. LazerModels are a great way to spend family time we use the S.T.E.M. concept with all our models.

So again we are putting together some new packs of models at discounted rates. We also have not changed or shipping policy. We also have instruction videos for most our models and in the next weeks we will be filming the rest.

All orders placed from January 2nd - January 14th will not ship until January 16th.

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